How To Improve Business Negotiation Skills?

Posted by Martin Jackup on May 24, 2015 in Business Negotiation |

Negotiation is a vital skill that is acquired over a period of time through experience and training. There are many ways to improve negotiating skills. First, listen to what the opponent has to say with regard to the situation that has come up. Patiently listen to their side of the case as this gives them satisfaction that they were not given the opportunity to explain their point of view. Moreover, it makes them feel important. Always talking does not put you in an advantageous position, and sometimes silence also is a weapon that can be used to your advantage. Silence can give you time to rethink the situation. Negotiation is a skill that is mastered over a period of time. This is an important tool in business; never underestimate the art of negotiation. Practice this skill to protect your business interest.

Before going for a negotiation prepare thoroughly. Have a plan in place. It is even advised to do some reading before going to the table. There are many training programs that can help develop the skill of communication and negotiation. These courses are short and are affordable. Corporate spend on training programs because they have understood the need for training and the value it brings to the business. Choose the right trainer that has experience and can provide customized training. Another important skill to master while negotiating is to maintain eye contact.

Begin a meeting with a handshake as it can say a lot about your confidence. Maintain a dress code keeping in mind the mood and temper of the meeting. While leaving, be firm and crisp. While negotiating, be flexible, and do not decide on the outcomes before starting the meeting. A good negotiation is a win-win situation for both parties, and there is no winner and loser. Once the negotiation is over it is important to put the outcome of the meeting in writing. Record the meeting. Take down notes in between to help you keep track of the conversation.

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