What Is The Art Of Nibbling And Is It Ethical?

Posted by Martin Jackup on April 24, 2015 in Business Negotiation |

Negotiation is all about time. There is no fixed timing as when a negotiation will be over. As a matter of fact, negotiation can be deemed complete once both parties have come to a conclusion and have signed the deal. But in most cases the negotiation starts only when the deal is inked. In a negotiation, both parties want the most of the deal. It is not going to happen immediately. It is a give and take process, and there is no winner or loser in the game. Various related issues are talked about in the meeting, and both parties learn to come to an understanding without causing much damage to either side. This gives both an opportunity to learn about each other better. This process is called ‘nibbling’.

The term can be defined as going beyond the content of the agreement that is signed. This means that the point has been already agreed upon, and it is just a confirmation. Though nibbling is not unethical. It is not a forceful decision but a mutual decision that is taken by both parties for the benefit of each other. It is just a request that is put in a nice way to protect the clauses of the negotiation. It is not about changing the negotiation deal. There are instances when the other party may feel that the negotiation is not yet over with just inking the deal and may start nibbling for concessions. Never give in to such situations. Be defensive and place a price tag on the nibble, this could at times work in your favor.

Only when you thought that the deal is clinched you realize that the actually negotiation is not yet over. It is at this point of time that both parties try to push for more. Nibbling is something that is not mentioned in the final signed agreement. It is a request you put to the table and sometimes there are chances the request may be accepted by at a price. This again could turn out beneficial for both parties.

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